Jerip speaks to reporters on the issue.


KUCHING: The federal government’s move to tighten the law on drink driving should be implemented holistically, said Transport Assistant Minister Datuk Dr Jerip Susil.

He pointed out that imposing higher fines would not necessarily prevent motorists from driving under the influence of alcohol.

“To me the law is not enough, as it may not effectively prevent a person from abstaining from alcohol, and if taken beyond the prescribed limit, it can affect their health in the long term,” he said when met by reporters Saturday.

The Mambong assemblyman added that severe punishment has to be implemented as social issues were on the rise, while he noted that many from the younger generation were more likely to consume alcohol.

“Many road accidents involve people who drink and drive, and I think this law prevents them from drinking too much as it can reduce these unprofessional social issues.

“As a result, it also affects the productivity of the country, as those involved in accidents and others will experience problems such as missing out on work, neglected responsibilities, adversely affecting families and causing losses to the country,” he explained.

Jerip speaks to reporters on the issue.