Homeowners install their own electrical wiring

Harden meeting with Wong (in jacket) and SEB engineer Murphy Nyambong.

SIMANGGANG: Sarawak Energy does not provide internal electrical wiring services as the responsibility belongs to homeowners.

During his working visit, Community Wellbeing Assistant Minister Datuk Francis Harden Hollis said he and SEB Sri Aman manager Wong Wan Chew discussed matters pertaining to Rural Electricity Supply (RES), applications to provide street lights and service line provision charges including the definition of subsidy by the state government.

“Regarding the service line electrical installation subsidy announced by the state government, those that cost less than RM5,000 will be borne by the government while those that cost starting from RM5,001 to RM10,000 will get 70 percent subsidy.

“For the ones that exceed RM10,000, the state government will not subsidise them as the subsidies are for the applicant’s first residential house only and for single-phase electricity supply connections,” said Wong.

He clarified that SEB does not provide internal wiring services as they are assigned to registered electrical companies.

“For the installation of street lights, SEB is the executor of the installation work after the budget is agreed to and payment has been made by the Public Works Department (JKR).

“Similarly, applications from other agencies such as local authorities or private developers are subject to agreement on cost estimates, and payments need to be made before the installation work can be carried out,” he said.

Harden meeting with Freddy at the Sri Aman Divisional Agriculture Office.

Harden also met with Sri Aman Divisional Agriculture Officer Freddy Paul Giang Engie who briefed him on agricultural economic activities and entrepreneurship. Freddy also discussed the potential of ‘Musang King’ durian, MD2 pineapple and cocoa.

“For those who are interested in continuing the conservation of ‘Rambutan Anak Sekolah’ (RAS), Sri Aman Agriculture Department will provide the equipment such as chainsaws to cut down trees for replanting,” said Freddy.

Vegetables, according to him, should be the focus of his department because in addition to its quick cultivation, the cost of production is relatively cheap, and the government can also provide equipment plus teaching aid including how to apply fertigation methods.

“In Simanggang town, the demand for vegetables is quite high, so there are supplies from other divisions such as Sarikei and Serian.

“Local vegetable production around is going on but cannot meet the demand because there are not many large-scale growers,” said Wong.