Honor X9 5G review

The recently launched Honor X9 has good battery endurance, a sturdy build, and a narrow bezel, which makes it a good phone to work with.

A daily phone for heavy users

Gone are the days when phones were used only as a form of communication. Back in the early 2000s, mobile phones had keypads and were used to type in messages in place of the pager. It was a communicative device reserved only for those who could afford it. And for those who could not, there were landlines and public telephones available to be used.

Soon, mobile phones that were once black and white with their displays had colour on them. And now we are doing much more as the device has become an essential item for us. From young to old, everyone in society became reliant on mobile phones to get around these days.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to test out the Honor X9 5G, a new device on the market by Honor after it re-obtained the Google Mobile Services (GMS) licence in late 2020.

What I liked about it

It has been less than a month since I got the phone, but what has impressed me the most is the battery endurance. Running on a 4,800 mAh capacity battery with a 66W super charge, running out of juice was the least of my worry when using the device.

As a heavy user, scrolling on various social media applications and working on Google Docs, having a phone with great battery life is extremely important. What I needed in a phone was to be able to maximise the usage from daybreak until midnight without constantly charging the battery, and the X9 could do just that. When left idle for one or two hours, the battery percentage barely moved at all, and this is probably thanks to the display and the processor.

The build

A mid-range device — the Honor X9 has a pretty decent build. A sturdy handset, the colour-shifting on the back cover is a signature of the Honor series from years ago. Though many phones have moved to a matte finish back cover, the Honor X9 and its iridescent finish are maintained.

At the back, its rounded matrix-designed rear camera is unique with three cameras and one flash. The back of the Honor X9 is something to marvel at. Whereas the front offers an ultra-narrow bezel display. Because of its 6.81-inch fullview display and 94 percent screen-to-body ratio, the phone’s large display is a great addition when working or scrolling through social media.

On the right side of the phone are the volume buttons and the power button, which works as a fingerprint sensor. But at the bottom, the speaker is inconveniently placed as it will muffle when gaming. Overall, the phone’s build is satisfactory, and I really enjoyed the screen when typing. 

The camera

While there is much to be improved, bear in mind that for a RM 1,299 phone, the Honor X9 camera takes usable shots whether it is day or night. It is equipped with a triple rear camera setup; probably designed to appeal to the current aesthetic trend by having a 48-megapixel sensor, a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP bokeh lens. The selfie camera is 16MP.

The conclusion

I mainly use my phone to work and take photos. As a writer, I felt that with the Honor X9, it was sufficient. But in terms of photography, I would have to compromise. Nonetheless, in terms of battery-life, the Honor X9 packs a powerful punch. It is even my go-to device for Zoom meetings and webinars. Furthermore, with its TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, I could use the phone for long hours doing work without hurting my eyes.

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