Hoopoe birds return to nest at Taiping Lake gardens

Photo: Ipoh Echo

THE pair of migratory hoopoe birds, which nested and hatched three chicks in the hole of a tree at the Taiping Lake Gardens here last April, have returned to lay eggs in the same tree.

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari director Dr Kevin Lazarus said the zoo detected the reappearance of the birds scientifically known as Upupa epops longirostris nesting in the hollow of the Yellow Flame tree two weeks ago.

“We find the eggs of the birds have hatched based on the noises coming from the nest in the tree.

“The pair are also observed feeding their chicks in the nest,” he said when contacted by Bernama here, today.

In April, the pair, which used the tree as their transit stop to nest, had triggered the presence of bird enthusiasts eager to see the species which is never found here.

The pair were first spotted making a nest in the Yellow Flame tree on April 5 to lay eggs, and since it was detected, almost 100 people have thronged the place daily to see the birds.

The three chicks that hatched in the hollow nest had flown from the nest on three different days between April 14 and 17.

This has proven that the migratory bird species, which originated from the Afro-Eurasia area, namely, Europe, Africa and Asia were able to breed in this country.

In the meantime, Lazarus believed that the pair did not return to their place of origin opting to nest at the Taiping Lake Gardens instead.

But, he said, the public was not allowed to gather at the location due to the current movement control.

“We are monitoring the area to prevent encroachments and to protect the nesting birds,” he said. – Bernama