Hope Place founder Kelvin Wan (left) holds a can of Enercal Plus to Ha.

KUCHING: Hope Place is seeking contributions such as special milk powder required by needy individuals under its care.

One such individual in need of this special milk powder is Marina Ha Shui Moi, a 60-year-old achalasia patient from Semeba Road here.

A Sarawak General Hospital medical social worker had referred Ha to Hope Place, and they paid her a visit recently.

She has a rare disease that makes her unable to swallow any solid food, and thus can only consume liquids.

She can only take Enercal Plus milk powder through tube feeding, which was recommended by her doctors. She consumes one 450g can of milk powder every two days.

Hope Place founder Kelvin Wan (left) holds a can of Enercal Plus to Ha.

Ha’s health has begun to deteriorate rapidly since she discovered her condition in the middle of last year. When Hope Place visited Ha, she weighed under 40kg.

She revealed that last November, she only weighed 29kg.

Ha’s husband, 66, used to sell noodles at a hawker stall at Sunny Hill, but has to stop doing so as there was no one to take care of his wife.

Hope Place is supplying Ha with special milk powder once every three months.

Currently, they are taking care of over 10 individuals in need of special milk such as Ha, and therefore the non-governmental organisation (NGO) is in need of special milk powder constantly.

In total, Hope Place needs 45 cans of Enercal Plus and 21 cans of Nutren Optimum every three months in order to help those who are disabled or sick.

The NGO welcomes contributions from the public to help care for all these needy individuals in the community.

For more information, Persatuan Kebajikan Harapan Kuching can be reached at 082-505987.