Hope Place donates items to disabled teen

Hope Place founder, Kelvin Wan (right) and staff, Yong Tiong Yieng (left) hands over the items to Kho (centre).

KUCHING: Hope Place Kuching was alerted to the plight of a teenager, Byron Kho Lip Ren, 17, who suffered partial brain damage by his grandmother.

Kho’s grandmother, Bong Siat Lan, said her grandson suffered partial brain damage due to oxygen deficiency.

Bong who works as a babysitter earns RM500 each month and also receives the monthly aid of RM300 from the Welfare Department on behalf of her husband who is suffering from stroke.

Bong’s daughter is currently footing their monthly house rental fee.

Hope Place founder, Kelvin Wan visited the family and handed over food items like rice, cooking oil, Milo, biscuit, noodle, salt, sugar and adult diapers. Wan was accompanied by staff, Yong Tiong Yieng to deliver the donation.

Hope Place is an NGO that visits the poor and less fortunate families to contribute some essential food items like rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, biscuits and noodles. Many of these families or individuals barely earn enough to get through the month, hence are grateful with the assistance of these basic necessities delivered to them. For families with children with special needs, or with elderly people, Hope Place provides milk powder and diapers as well.

Hope Place carries out aid deliveries once every two months because of the many families on its recipients list. Currently there are more than 170 families on the list.