Hoping next year will be better

It has certainly been a one roller coaster ride this year when the wave of Covid-19 came crashing around the world. While at the end of 2019 most of us were celebrating, counting down to the new year, hoping that 2020 will be a better year, little did we know that a threat was lurking close by.

As always, to celebrate the new year, we would devise resolutions and over the course of the year, aim to achieve it. However, come February and March, the whole world learned of its new fate.

Nonetheless, many had taken the opportunity to wind down during the hard times, and adapt with the pandemic. Over the months, we can see friends partaking new hobbies and discovering a better self.

Living in the fast-paced world today, and with upcoming trends that never seem to stop appearing, we are always on the go. Hence, it is undeniable, the pandemic had a hand in bringing out positivity in various ways.

Fiona Kho Szambowska (left).

Having to adapt to the new normal, the pandemic had slowed down many. In agreement to the statement, Fiona Kho Szambowska shared with New Sarawak Tribune that Covid-19 felt like the universe is sending a message, “that there is a greater force beyond mankind.”

Elaborating on how she felt when the pandemic hits, she said it was mind-boggling to see big cities that never sleep around the world all emptied out. “However, it was amazing to see how world leaders reacted to the situation. But it breaks my heart to see people suffering and dying.”

Since she was unable to travel, Fiona had learned more local recipes to try at home throughout the months of being behind doors. Aside from that, she disclosed that she had stopped spending unnecessarily. “Our budget this year goes mostly towards food and household bills only. We eat at home most of the time and even after restrictions have eased now, we don’t go out as much anymore.”

However, the pandemic had certainly made her more conscious of her health. “We started taking our supplements and was constantly keeping our surroundings clean.” As 2020 proved to be a different year for everyone, Fiona revealed the life lessons that she had learned throughout the days of Covid-19.

“Since we are not allowed to travel, I miss my family a lot but I am thankful that everyone is safe. And when we are idle, it messes with our mind. Hence, it is vital to check on one another, and to provide support.”

Nevertheless, Fiona prays that the pandemic has instilled in everyone that we have to do our part in taking better care of this world we live in.

Lim Hui Sze

Meanwhile, Lim Hui Sze commented that the movement control crder (MCO) had given her the opportunity to lay back and finish several books. While initially feeling anxious, throughout the months, Lim had learned a lot about the pandemic. “Though the name Covid-19 is scary, it does not trigger me much any more. I adapted to the new normal pretty well I guess,” she said.

Over the course of the year, Lim shared that she had practised a healthier lifestyle, “I replaced the time I used to travel back and forth to the office with a workout session.”

The accountant also added that her mental health has improved too, “This was due to the opportunity I had to self-reflect and to re-adjust my focus in life.”

Being part of a pandemic, Lim described it as both good and bad. “With a pandemic, there will be casualties for sure. However, the good in this is that we learn to save the world by staying home and keeping ourselves clean. The MCO also gave us a chance to finally care for ourselves and to spend quality time with family.”