An aerial view of the new Sri Aman Hospital.

SIMANGGANG: The new Sri Aman Hospital, which has been long awaited by residents around the Sri Aman district, is expected to house 10 full-time specialists upon its completion next year.

Harden when met by reporters.

According to Simanggang assemblyman Datuk Francis Harden Hollis, the matter, however, will be decided by the Health Ministry (MoH).

“I really hope that MoH will approve the placement of these specialists in the new Sri Aman Hospital because the two specialists in our hospital at the moment are not full-time.

“At the same time, with these specialists and the new facilities provided, we no longer have to send our patients to other hospitals,” he said.

Harden, who is also Community Wellbeing Assistant Minister, said the new hospital will also be able to provide better services and facilities, not only for residents in Sri Aman but also for Betong and Serian residents.

He added that so far, the main structure of the hospital is 85 percent completed and is just waiting to be installed with high-tech medical machines.

When asked about the key challenges to setting up the new hospital, Harden said setting up the site was the most challenging.

“Construction work can only be started after groundwork has been done three times.

“Many bittersweet memories were encountered throughout the construction of this hospital but let it all be memories and lessons.

“What is important is that this hospital will provide many benefits to the residents in Simanggang state constituency,” said Francis.