FROM KINGWOOD WITH LOVE…Alex Tiong captured this image from his home using a drone and shared it with his mates on social media.

SIBU: What was initially intended to bring some cheer amidst the movement control order (MCO), a heart-warming signage by Kingwood Hotel here has earned it all round praise from locals.

The universally recognised love shaped sign was in full splendour for all to see on Wednesday night (Mar 25). By turning on the lights in selected rooms, with the rest of the rooms in darkness, the signage came together beautifully.

Images of the effort by Kingwood began spreading on social media soon after it was turned on. Netizens were pleasantly surprised with many locals professing their pride for the town and the hotel.

One image that made everyone took special note was taken by 35 year old Alex Tiong, whose home was opposite Kingwood Hotel, across the Rajang River.

The photography enthusiast said it was after dinner and he was just staying home when the heart shaped icon was turned on. He quickly took out his drone and captured the sight for all to behold.

A check with sources at Kingwood Hotel revealed that the hotel has closed its door to the public since March 18, in accordance with the MCO instructions. The hotel maintained a skeletal crew to carry out maintenance and cleaning works. 

They decided to do something creative with the empty rooms and their first attempt Wednesday night, earned them a lot of praises.

This is indeed a good example of staying positive in the face of adversity as pointed out by Nobert Wong, one of those who shared the images on the Sacred Heart Old Students Association chatgroup.