Hotels urged to open as quarantine centres

Hoteliers participating during the dialogue session.

SIBU: Three more hotels here have agreed in principle to use their premises as quarantine centres for Covid-19 persons-under-surveillance (PUS).

These hoteliers came to an agreement after a dialogue session organised by Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Bawang Assan chairman Senator Robert Lau and Sarawak Central Region Hotels Association at Tanah Mas Hotel today.

The purpose of the dialogue session was to provide a better understanding for the hoteliers on what are required of a hotel to be used as a quarantine centre.

On the three hotels that have agreed to act as quarantine centres, Lau said it would provide an additional 400 rooms and should be available to take in returnees from outside Sarawak when the movement control order (MCO) in Sibu in lifted.

“So far there are three hotels in Sibu being used as quarantine centres with a total of 309 rooms,” he said.

The three hotels are Premier Hotel, Mawan Hotel and Sarawak Hotel.

“I also urge more hotels owners to offer their hotels as quarantine centres as Sibu will eventually have to resume flights to outside Sarawak before there is herd immunity for the whole population,” he said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Resident of Sibu Division Wong Her Sieng said there will be a need for hotel rooms as quarantine centres for PUS when the MCO is lifted in Sibu in order for flights from outside Sarawak to resume.

“Currently, there are no flights into Sibu during the MCO period except for internal flights.

“PUS are people who returned to Sarawak via Sibu Airport and they will undergo 14 days of quarantine,” he explained.

At the dialogue, Borneo Medical Centre (BMC) managing director Dr Peter Tang was present to share the nature of Covid-19.

He shared that the virus will die in a maximum of four days outside a host body.

“BMC is also helping out by doing the lab test on PCR samples,” he added. 

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