Senior Minister of Works Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof (right) receiving a souvenir from Temenggong Datuk Helmi Mohd Gol (second left) while Pemanca Roshidi Junai (left) and Kuching Resident Sherrina Hussaini (right) look on. Photo: Ramidi Subari

KUCHING: Community leaders have been urged to do a profiling of each household in the respective areas in order to ease the channelling of assistance.

Senior Minister (Infrastructure Cluster) Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof said there is a need to do a profile of every village so no one especially the needy will be left out from receiving any assistance given by both federal and state governments.

“Take for instance during the Covid-19 pandemic, if we have the data available for every household, the issue of who did not receive the assistance will not arise.

“Therefore, it is important to gather all the data and do a profiling so that we can identify who need our help and what sort of assistance they need,” he said when officiating at the Kuching Division Malay Community Leaders Association biennial general meeting at Dormani Rajah Court Hotel, Jalan Pending on Saturday.

He said community leaders can engage and work with experts on how to set up a system to store the data.

“Once you already have the data, is it also crucial to keep it updated. This is because the status of the person may change.

“For instance, a family is not eligible to receive the assistance because the husband’s income is RM4,000, but if the husband pass away, the wife will automatically fall under the B40 group,” he said.

Fadillah, who is also the Petra Jaya MP said it was also important for the community leaders to identify youths from the villages that are furthering their studies in universities and in need of financial assistance, and find ways on how to reach out to them.

“Education is key to success. So, the community leaders in their respective areas must also ensure that the younger generation and youths receive proper education. Make this as your target,” he pointed out.

He urged the community leaders to also identify the challenges and problems faced by the respective villages, be it on land matters, financial, drugs or alcohol problems, and then work together with the community to find solutions to those problems.

“Furthermore, in line with the digital era, the community leaders must also equipped themselves with the latest knowledge on technology and guide the community on modern farming which can provide lucrative income,” he said.

He added that community leaders also play an important role in strengthening the ties among the people regardless of race and religion, as only with unity could the community move forward together, he stressed.

“I understand that being a leader, sometimes it is not easy. But I believe that if you all work together in unity, you will be able to face the challenges and solve the problems,” said Fadillah.

Meanwhile, association chairman who is also Kuching North pemanca Roshidi Junai urged the appointed leaders to continue to play their roles through the village security and development committees (JKKKs) by taking full responsibility of the trust given them.

“Everyone here is a leader of our own respective areas, it is a trust given to us so like it or not we have to fulfil it,” he said.

At the function, Fadillah presented a grant of RM13,000 to the association for its activities.