Hungry monkeys steal food from house

Monkey eating the kuih bahulu it stole.

PUSA: A long-tail macaque, possibly a very hungry one, was spotted eating kuih bahulu, a traditional cake, on a rooftop in a kampung here on Sunday.

A housewife, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she was busy making tea around 11am in the kitchen when two macaques came through the windows and grabbed the cakes on a table.

“I could only watch them. I did not dare to do anything. After that, my son saw them run towards the roof. He managed to take some pictures. One of them was enjoying the kuih bahulu,” she said.

She said many residents in the kampung had complained about a group of wild monkeys entering their houses through windows to look for food.

“There was also an incident where some residents were attacked by the monkeys,” she added.