Hunter held after man shot in the forest

Injuries suffered by the victims on his chest and legs.

BAU: A 42-year-old hunter is under arrest after he shot a man in what appears to be a hunting incident in a forest at Kampung Serasot Bau today (Feb 12).

The victim, aged 35, is undergoing treatment at the Bau Hospital.

Bau police chief DSP Poge Nyaon said police received a call from the hospital around 12.15am about a man seeking treatment for multiple pellet wounds on his chest and legs.

Police rushed to Kampung Serasot Bau at 1.15 am and arrested the suspect. They also seized two cartridges from him.

The suspect later helped police recover the shotgun from the spot where he had discarded the weapon after the incident. Police later recovered a spent shell.

A military camo vest was also confiscated from the hunter.