Iban goes global on TVS

SMG chief executive officer Suhaimi Sulaiman

KUCHING: The Iban community will be featured in Sarawak’s new TV station, TVS, through an Iban Global talk show.

The 30-minute segment is the first in the world to showcase the views and perspectives of top leaders from the Iban community.

Sarawak Media Group (SMG) chief executive officer Suhaimi Sulaiman said TVS anchor and Iban journalist Priscilla John Pillai will be hosting the show where she will dissect the views of the community in a global setting.

“She will interview top leaders from among the Ibans and discuss issues of capacity building, innovation, social, development, and quality of life among the community,” he said in an exclusive interview with New Sarawak Tribune.

Suhaimi said besides Iban Global, two other programmes on leadership are ‘Visi’, hosted by Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) Faculty of Economics lecturer Dr Hamrila Abdul Latip, and ‘Bual R&D’.

The latter will be hosted by Unimas’ Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts’ deputy dean Dr Qistina Donna Lee Abdullah. Both will also be 30-minute programmes focusing on new thinking approaches as well as research and development respectively.

The SMG chief also said TVS’ news segment would cater to a diverse set of audience.

“Our news segments will start from 9am until 11.30pm. All of the segments are 15 minutes in duration except the prime time 8pm slot.

“We will be reading the news in four languages — Malay, English, Chinese and Iban. This is a big challenge for us but I believe every channel must have a respectable news team,” he said.

Suhaimi said, with a well-respected news team, it would make the rest of the contents respectable to viewers.