Illegal immigrants forced to back track

The group of 12 illegal immigrants is deported to their country of origin by the army.

SERIAN: Three boys were among 12 illegal immigrants deported back to their country after the Malaysian Armed Forces caught them attempting to enter Sarawak illegally on Saturday (Oct 16).

The incident took place around 5.30am when an army team spotted the group walking into Sarawak via an illegal route in Tebedu area.

A spokesman for the First Infantry Division said the illegal immigrants comprised five men, four women and three boys.

Inspections found that the group aged between three and 45 years, did not have any valid travel documents with them.

In addition, they claimed to enter Sarawak illegally in search of work. All of them were later deported to their country of origin via the same route.

The military spokesman explained that the impact of Covid-19 has led to increase in attempts by illegal immigrants to enter Sarawak in search of work in the state.

“We have identified various tactics and methods used by the illegals to enter Sarawak and we managed to detect them and foil their entries.

“The army especially those at the Sarawak-Indonesia border, will continue to remain vigilant and committed to maintaining security and ensuring that the country’s sovereignty is preserved,” the spokesman said.