Illegal parking, the bane of several places in town

Double-parking at Carpenter Street.
Double-parking at Carpenter Street.

KUCHING: Haphazard illegal parking along roadsides has been causing bad traffic congestion around town during peak hours.

Yesterday, for example, many drivers were observed parking their vehicles illegally with some even double-parking or blocking other parked cars.

Some just leave their double-parked cars without leaving any information for the people to contact them.

One of the culprits, a 34-year-old woman, who parked illegally at Jalan Wawasan said: “I have to park here because I carry two baskets of wet clothes. The nearest parking space is fully occupied. If I park my car there (behind an old cinema building), it’s quite far for me to carry my laundry.”

Although it was illegal to park in front of the shops, a man who works at a locksmith shop decribed the situation as normal as there were various reasons for such behaviours.

“It makes it easy for them to reach the shops. Customers usually park for short periods. Some of the tenants also park here

illegally,” he said.

Besides Wayang Street, illegal parking is also rampant at Carpenter Street and Jalan Pearl.