Include Sarawakians in Music Board, too

Dr Alim Impira

KUCHING: Persatuan Armada Anak Seni Sarawak (Aras) welcomes the establishment of the Malaysian Music Industry Corporation (PIMM) which was approved by the cabinet recently. 

Aras’ deputy chairman Dr Alim Impira pointed out that experienced musicians from Sarawak should also be in the PIMM management body.

“A PIMM Board seat should be given to a music representative from Sarawak as the local ethnic music is now well known and accepted by the multi-racial communities in Malaysia,” he said.

“This is to strengthen the relationships between the local ethnic music industry and the mainstream music industry. 

“If this is not done in properly, then there will be a significant gap in the national music industry as it only focuses on one group,” he added in a statement recently.

Alim said that financial incentives and funds for the expansion of the industry and its actors should also include Sabah and Sarawak artistes.