Inform school of your children’s problems

Omar Bahrein Unin
Omar Bahrein Unin

KUCHING: Parents have been urged to support and monitor their children’s home-based learning and to inform the school, especially the teachers, of the problems faced by the children during the online classes. 

“We are confident that educators can provide education to students well through various methods according to Ministry of Education (MOE) guidelines.

“Both parties only need to focus on their tasks. For example, teachers focus on providing education while students focus on receiving it,” said Omar Bahrain Unin, Cuepacs Sarawak chairman.

He pointed out that the reopening of schools by stages from September onwards was due to concerns for the safety and health of the people in general.

“The school is a dense area with a large number of students and teachers. Therefore, the safety and health of many must be a priority.”

Omar added that teachers were currently being vaccinated against Covid-19 and were given priority by the government to be injected.