Inform the health office if you are present on 21st day

Aaron (centre), Allan (right) and Katherine at the programme.

KANOWIT: Rural residents have been advised to immediately inform their District Health Office or respective Divisions if they cannot be present on the 21st day for the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang gave this advice while attending the Caring Malaysia Programme held at the Machan Multipurpose Hall here today (23 March).

He pointed that the vaccines used by the country had only two dosages and no vaccine had   been approved yet for a one injection dose.

“A vaccine for a single injection or a single dose has been created, namely the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but it has not been fully tested and is still in the experimental stage,” said the Kanowit MP.

Recently, Aaron said he was approached by a local community leader who wanted a vaccine that had only one dose (one injection) to make things easier, especially for those who lived far in the interior.

Aaron said some rural residents feared missing the appointment for a second dose might reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine against the virus.

“If you are unable to be present on the 21st day for the second dose, you can  apply to be injected later. Talk with the health authorities when you go for your first injection. I believe that your appointment can be made after   21 days if you inform them,” said Aaron.

The MP pointed out that in the United Kingdom, the second dose was given up to two months after the first dose.

He urged Kanowit residents to sign up for the vaccination programme. He revealed that he felt normal after receiving his second dose of vaccine a few days ago.

“The government is confident of all the Covid-19 vaccines that have been purchased. Besides that, we have also agreed to provide compensation of up to RM500,000 for individuals who suffer severe side effects after being given the Covid-19 vaccines,” he added.

Also present were Machan Assemblyman Allan Siden Gramong, Kanowit District Officer Katherine Lalai and Sibu Divisional Health Officer Dr Teh Jo Hun and Pemanca Lawrence Melaka.