Injured 18-kg python captured

MIRI: An 18-kg python which slithered near the five-foot-way of a popular coffeeshop restaurant at Bintang Mega Mall at Jalan Bintang here yesterday shocked many shoppers, prompting them to call the Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) for help.

The “uninvited guest” was found slithering along the five-foot-way at 2.54pm yesterday.

Stunned by the “rare” sighting, shoppers rushed to the scene as they wanted to see the python up close.

The python after it was captured.

According to officer-in-charge of Miri APM, Captain (PA) Mohd Hazle Shah Abdul Hamid, the python was injured and believed to have been run over by a car while wandering around the area.

“Following a call received from a 30-year-old woman on the python’s sighting, four APM personnel were despatched to the scene and it took them less than 15 minutes to capture the python,” he said.

APM personnel showing the 18-kg python they captured outside a shopping mall at Jalan Bintang, Miri.