Innovative ways to hold Sarawak polls needed

Jayum Jawan
Prof Dr Jayum Jawan

KUCHING: The Election Commission (EC) has to come up with innovative ways to hold the Sarawak state election in the new normal, said Prof Dr Jayum Jawan, a political scientist from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

“However, if it cannot do so, then it has failed the country and the people and the moral thing to do is to resign.  

“This is because the conduct of elections is under the purview of the EC.

“The EC should have known and prepared for this scenario right from the first start of lockdown in early 2020. It should also have learnt from what happened during the state election in Sabah to move forward in carrying out its duties,” he added. 

He pointed out that the sooner the state election was held, the better it would be.

“Though it is unfortunate that Covid-19 has subverted democracy, the suspension of election by the King is very appropriate in order to ensure the safety of the Sarawakians,” he said.

Jayum said the extension of the Emergency would help to flatten the Covid-19 curve for the state.

“The most important and best effort by the government must be supplemented by habit changes by the people to make the government introduced measures more effective,” he added.

Jayum also commented that aside from achieving the 80 percent herd immunity, the Ministry of Health should have an important role in determining other necessary criteria before the state election was held as it was the most important and authoritative agency with its expertise.