Inspired by coffee in a tin can

A poster of Yanz Satay Corner and contact numbers to make orders and reservations.

By Kalsum Mohammadin

Abang Yusup Abang Wasli and his family were in Kuching one day to celebrate his son’s convocation when his daughter, Dayang Siti Aisyah, bought him coffee which was served in a tin can.

That coffee in a can tin served as the inspiration for Abang Yusup’s satay kong business.

Kong in Sarawak means a tin can and satay kong means grilled meat skewers served in a can tin together with nasi impit (rice cubes), cucumber and peanut gravy.

Abang Yusup sells his satay kong in front of his house in Sarikei.

Abang Yusup with his daughter Dayang Siti Aisyah.

He established his Yanz Satay Corner in 2014 and it is currently the only satay kong stall in Taman Susur Jambu in Sarikei.

He explained that he often received empty tin cans from eateries or restaurants around Sarikei for free.

“In return for their kindness, I also give free satay kong to the food shop owners,” he said.

Satay kong is famous among the people in Sarikei and outsiders.

“Apart from chicken and beef satay, I also sell mutton satay, chicken parts like badal (gizzards), buntut (tails) and skins along with nasi himpit,” he said.

Abang Yusup’s neatly packed satay.

Abang Yusup also sells frozen satay.

Usually, his satay kong is sold for as low as RM7 to RM15 per order.

Abang Yusup added that before the Covid-19 pandemic, he could sell up to 5,000 skewers. But the virus has affected his sales.

Abang Yusup’s delicious homemade peanut gravy.

Nevertheless, he still gets orders from customers every day.

“Many love my satay because of the thick and tasty peanut gravy. This gives me the spirit to continue doing my business,” he said.

Abang Yusup tries to satisfy his customers by offering them large sizes of satay, reasonable prices and good taste.

“I also pack my satay kong neatly so that it is easy for customers to eat from the cans,” he said.

Abang Yusup’s advice to those who want to get involved in business is not to listen to negative words and always be sincere in doing business.

He is handing over his business to his two children, Abang Benjamin and Dayang Siti Aisyah.

Abang Yusup uses the Sarawak Pay application.

“I guide them on how to produce quality satay and make the peanut gravy,” he said.

Abang Yusup added that the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama) had helped him to prepare the ingredients for his frozen satay products.

The satay seller also provides cashless payment facilities to customers by using the Sarawak Pay application.

“The cashless payment facilities make it easier for people to pay without withdrawing cash as the spread of Covid-19 is becoming more alarming,” he added.

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