Institute minimum one-month strict MCO

Police and army personnel check people at road blocks during the movement control order period. Photo: Bernama

KUCHING: A minimum one-month strict movement control order (MCO) must be imposed in order to effectively combat the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

According to a physician based locally, movement restrictions must not be lifted until the nation registers zero case for at least two weeks.

“Some might argue it is impractical, but it only needs to be done once.

“How many lockdowns, MCOs and Covid-19 waves do we have to endure with repeated damage to the economy by the partial and incomplete public health measures?” he asked.

He proposed that with the MCO, a travel ban must be imposed to stop the virus from entering the country.

“Institute at least one-month very strict MCO; test, isolate and treat all infected people in the country. Vaccinate all frontliners and susceptible individuals with Covid-19 and flu vaccination during the MCO period.

“Do not lift the MCO until the country registers zero case for at least two weeks. Only after this is achieved, should movement within the country be allowed.

“This has to be done with stringent standard operating procedures (SOPs) including testing, contact tracing and isolation,” he suggested.

The physician opined that such initiatives would give enough time for the vaccination to work. He stressed only after that should travellers from outside the country be allowed with rapid testing upon arrival.

“This is as well as imposing compulsory quarantine for 14 days for all travellers with no exceptions, even if they have vaccination certificates.”