The husband-and-wife team recently started a YouTube channel in addition to their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The age has changed and modern technologies conquered — where new job scopes appear out of nowhere, and one of it is being a ‘social media influencer’.

A full-time job

Ain is now five months pregnant.

A social media influencer is a user of social media who has established credibility in a specific industry with the power to move trends and advocate a movement. They are also the ‘new’ way for brands to market their products, as an influencer with thousands of followers can introduce brands to a large spectrum of viewers.

Can one gain a stable income by being an influencer?

Muhammad Iqbal Harun, an influencer who was born in Selangor, shared that an individual can get a steady income if their postings are consistent. “Right now, my wife and I are full-time influencers and content creators. We managed to get proper income using online platforms through sponsorships and paid reviews.”

The couple tied the knot in September 2019.

Iqbal and wife, Ain Suhada Ahmad has amassed thousands of followers on their respective social media accounts — Facebook, Youtube and their largest following is on the photo and video sharing app, Instagram.

ith over 100,000 followers on Instagram, the 27-year-old Iqbal has been making videos on Instagram since 2016. Last year, the duo created a Youtube channel (Ain Suhada Ahmad) to upload their antics, daily shenanigans and challenges.

How did they garner such huge followings?

Iqbal said that it is mostly due to the content of their videos. Most of their videos highlight situations or problems that couples faced in a relationship. “I think the viewers can relate to a lot of things in our videos, which is why they might find it interesting,” Iqbal added.

According to Iqbal, Ain was initially reluctant to be on videos.

he influx was very much unexpected as when he first started, he was just an amateur in recording and editing videos. “Photography and videography were my hobbies as I love to experiment with cameras.”

It all started with Iqbal’s hobby and his persuasive skills that lead them both to where they are today. According to Iqbal, Ain was initially reluctant to the idea of recording videos, “Back then I had to force her to make a video with me,” he laughed.

Focusing on real-life experiences and the funny side of relationships, Iqbal disclosed that their content pushes through the idea that being in a relationship is not a burden. “This is because, some people think that being in a relationship will tie them down, that they cannot do what they want, or have fun whenever they want.”

One tip that he shared that is important in a relationship is maintaining good communication between your partners. “If you have something that you don’t like that your partner is doing, just tell them straight away. It is better to fight now than later,” he said.

Iqbal admitted that life as an influencer is not much different compared to before. The only difference is, nowadays, more people recognise them and want to take photos with them.

As influencers, Iqbal and Ain are also regularly invited to give talks relating to social media and startups.

As an influencer, they would often receive sponsorship and gifts. However, the sun doesn’t always shine as Iqbal disclosed, “People will always judge you even though you didn’t do anything bad. Someone will always see the negative side of things.”

According to Iqbal, his biggest challenge in being an influencer was his zero knowledge in editing a video. “I had to learn from scratch through Youtube and asks my friends on what and how to do it. It is always a challenge to make good, quality videos with interesting content.”

Will they continue to be full-time influencers in the future? Iqbal said that they have a plan, and they are on their way to it.

Having known each other since secondary school, the couple got together in 2014. Along the years creating memories through videos, they finally tied the knot in 2019.

Before they were full-time influencers, they each pursued a different path — Iqbal was in the banking industry, while Ain completed her degree in aquatic sciences.

To keep up with the couple’s daily antics and adventures, you can follow them on their Instagram at @qbalharun and @ainsuhadaahmad.

The couple has managed to gain thousands of followers on their social media accounts.