Internship programme enriches Lodge A-Level students

KUCHING: The Cambridge International A-Levels, often hailed as a “gold standard” qualification, has attracted many outstanding students across the world aiming to enter top global universities.

Lodge International School is proud to announce that our students had obtained outstanding results for the May/June 2018 A Level exams, said a spokesman through a press release yesterday.

More importantly, at Lodge International School, apart from doing well at the A-Levels, the students’ learning experience is enriched with a compulsory internship component.

Work Experience at Lodge International School

The internship component is compulsory for ALL A-Level students at Lodge International School. The students are to complete a minimum 2-week work experience during the June or December school holidays, the press release pointed out.

The purpose of this component is for students to gain real-world exposure in the industries that they are interested in, learn up close from professionals, and be better prepared as they make their higher education and career choices.

Very often, students make tertiary choices based on parents’ advice or a vague idea of the profession. The internship component thus takes out the guess work and allows them to have a more realistic and informed view.

So far, the students have embarked on internships across industries such as medicine, law, engineering, construction, business and retail, hospitality and tourism, education and others. 

Students’ Experience

One such student is Edwin Jaden anak Fabian, 18. Formerly a student of Lodge National Secondary School, he recently completed his internship at Rehab Concept, a one-stop integrated rehabilitation centre.

On his experience, Edwin says, “I enjoyed every moment of it – the hands-on experience and talking to patients. I was given a chance to observe different musculoskeletal and neurological cases and the treatments involved. Above all, this internship showed me that physiotherapy is not only an occupation but a relationship between you and your client. It has piqued an even greater interest within me to pursue a career in physiotherapy.”

Another student, Ng Li Teen, 18, formerly of St Joseph Private School, also appreciates her Work Experience.

On her experience with Country Veterinary Centre, she says, “During my internship, I learned about the daily tasks involved as a vet and the patience and skills required for this line of work. I had the opportunity to witness animal surgeries during my time here. I also learned how to interact with customers and co-workers. This internship certainly helped to clarify my career goals to be a veterinarian.”

Support from the Community

As a community school, Lodge is deeply grateful to the Kuching community who have stepped forward to partner with the school for this meaningful programme.

Eu Sze Kwang, a physiotherapist from Rehab Concept, says, “ We have found the students from the Lodge A-Level programme to be very pleasant to work with. Edwin, in particular, is one of the students that stood out.

He takes initiative, maintains excellent communication skills with our clients and staff, and is always ready to extend a willing hand to help. 

“We believe through this programme, the students will have the opportunity to be exposed to real work experiences, witnessing first-hand the day-to-day duties they can expect to encounter in the clinical world. 

A Level Result Summary

With a demanding academic schedule, co-curricular activities and the internship programme, we are happy to note that our students have still shone in the important examinations.

The Class of 2018 obtained excellent results, with just over 40% A*/A  results across the board and almost 30% students who got at least 3A*/A out of 4 subjects.

Science subjects maintained their high standards, particularly Physics with an approximate 10% increase to 67% in the number of students getting A*/A, compared to the year before.

Biology remains one of our niche subjects, with 60% students achieving A*/A

Another significant improvement is the percentage of students scoring A*/A in Psychology, which saw a leap from over 10% distinction to the current remarkable 62.5% distinction rate.


Lodge International School Principal, Matthew Wee, expresses his pride, “Our A Level students are on an accelerated program, and their skill and dedication to managing packed schedules is a testament to how well-adjusted they are. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours and am very proud of their achievements.”Lodge International School has sent A Level students on to reputable institutions worldwide, including University of Oxford, University of Melbourne and National University of Singapore, among others. Registration for the 2019 A Level intake is still open. For inquiries, kindly call 082-362185.