Investigate state’s recovery rate

Datuk Dr John Lau Pang Heng

KUCHING: Sarawak Patriots Association (SPA) chairman Datuk Dr Lau Pang Heng is asking the authorities to investigate why Sarawak’s recovery rate and the infectivity rate (IR) are below the national levels.

Dr Lau in a statement today (June 26) said he have received more than 30 phone calls from the public asking about the state’s health capacity.

He shared that from June 1 to June 25, there was an of average 85.8 persons in intensive care unit (ICU).

“Some 29.24 of them intubated with respiratory assistance and an average of four persons died due to Covid-19.

“The number of persons in ICU is on the up climb with 85.5 as the medium,” Dr Lau said.

He stated those in intubation were constant and there is sign of decline and the number of death remains constant from the trend line in the figure.

“The national recovery rate for those infected with Covid-19 as of June 25 was 91 percent, but the recovery rate for the same period in Sarawak was 82.45 percent. 

“The global recovery rate as on June 25 was 91.5, meaning Sarawak’s recovery rate is below the national and global average levels,” he said.

Dr Lau added that the daily average number of positive cases for the past 28 days was 624.1 cases.

The chairman also mentioned, in terms of Covid-19 health capacity, considerations need to be taken on the number of vaccinations completed, tests and screenings, treatments, isolations and support for those suspected to have symptoms of Covid-19.

Besides that, Lau suggested that every citizen look after themselves by wearing face masks, using hand sanitisers, keeping physical distance of two metres for each other and ensuring the room we are in is well-ventilated. 

“Stay at home and only go out when very necessary. Covid-19 prevention is similar to crime prevention.  We look after ourselves and the neighbourhood where we are living in,” he said.