It pays to sell at Timogah

Heineken Laluan

KUCHING:, which was developed in June 2017, is a buy and sell e-commerce website or digital platform that connects farmers, traders and local product dealers directly to consumers or customers.

“This service initially operated only in Kuching but it will also be expanded to the whole of Sarawak in the future,” local trader, Heineken Laluan told New Sarawak Tribune sister daily, Suara Sarawak recently.

“This facility not only helps me but also provides an opportunity for farmers, traders and local product operators to explore the digital marketing field at minimal costs.”

Heineken said initially, Timogah services only provided unique fresh food products from Borneo including vegetables, river produce, forest produce and various other local agricultural products.

Timogah’s mobile application

“However, this service has, since then, been expanded and is now offering a wide selection of products including kitchen needs, home needs, handicrafts, and more.”

Explaining the formation of, Heineken said, “Many farmers in Sarawak, especially in the rural areas, find it difficult to market their agricultural products.

“This is especially for products that have the potential to be commercialised not only in Sarawak but also in foreign areas.

“With the country’s food imports increasing every year, a change must be made in the local food supply chain.

“So, we in Timogah took up this challenge to apply digital technology in solving the problem of marketing local agricultural products as well as exploring new market opportunities in the world of digital economy.”

On the income earned, Heineken revealed that they were not only lucrative but had also increased sharply compared to the previous two years.

He added many parties were following the development of Timogah and had even set up their digital marketing platforms for food products and other necessities.

“Each has a different strategy and focuses on penetrating the new e-commerce market in Sarawak.

“The existence of these applications has created positive rivalry with each other to provide good services at all times,” Heineken said, adding that the website also received encouraging responses from customers.

“Basically, Timogah only provides a digital platform to manage transactions between vendors and customers as well as delivery services directly from vendors to customers.

“Farmers, guest traders and product operators can conduct their businesses online by becoming vendors on the Timogah website.

“Timogah’s mission is to develop a digital platform that will drive micro businesses, especially the local agricultural industry, while providing the best digital shopping services to the community in Sarawak and throughout Borneo in the future,” added Heineken. headquarters