It’s is really up to us

Clarence Ting

KUCHING: As Sibu districts continues its fight against coronavirus, with the MCO underway and with increasing levels of Covid-19 infection, concerns and anxiety from the public have become more apparent.

Issues involve the likeliness of supermarket staff and frontline workers spreading the virus and possibilities of a new supermarket cluster received the attention of Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting.

He said this matter will be addressed and understands that the public is frustrated over the lack of improvement in the level of infections despite after thirteen days of MCO.

“I’m glad that public concerns have led to views about frontliners and supermarket staff which proves a greater depth into the situation. The suggestions included having frequent screenings for the group, I will raise this matter with Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC),” said Ting, while adding that he received several calls from Sibu residents requesting that the issue be addressed.

“Sibu had one or more deaths in the last 4 days. Total infections (in Sibu on Thursday) remained high at 77 cases, (those from) clusters being at 43 and others being 34.

He also received a response from the public stating that the movement control order (MCO) implemented in Sibu is ineffective in arresting the transmission of Covid-19 this time around.

“The proportions of others are getting higher and higher; this is a clear indication that infection is in urban areas,” he said.

“SDMC put in place MCO to control movements but the public took little heed for the first 10 days. Now that police permits are in place, a semblance of MCO is taking place in Sibu town the last three days,” he said.

“But it is really up to us to practice personal standard operating procedures (SOPs) when going to places that are prone to infection. If you think the place is unsafe, I urge you not to visit,” he said in a Facebook post today.

Ting said the message is clear- the responsibility of slowing down and containing the spread of Covid-19 falls on the shoulders of everyone.

“Thank you for your views. We need more people like yourselves who are concerned about personal safety and bring down the infection,” he said.