It’s time again for the delicious bubur lambuk

Bubur lambuk cooked using a large pot.

KUCHING: Bubur lambuk (savoury porridge) is a well-known and popular dish during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

It is usually served during the breaking of fast, and at times, during sahur (meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting).

However, not everyone can cook this dish because it has a long list of ingredients, and a high level of patience.

RM12 per pack.

Bubur lambuk usually comes in a variety of forms and cooked with, among others, dried tofu, dried mushroom, black fungus, midin (wild fern), baby corn, long bean and eggplant.

Add chicken meat, beef, shrimp and eggs into the mix, and you get a very appetising meal.

Norhidayah Bujang

A bubur lambuk seller, Norhidayah Bujang, 39, said she was overwhelmed by the response since she started her bubur lambuk business.

Using a recipe handed down by her grandmother, Norhidayah said her porridgeused more than 35 ingredients.

“I started sharing a photo of the bubur lambuk on Facebook last March, and many of my friends asked me to sell it.

“Since I really like to cook, I started taking orders — around 10 to 20 packs a day.

“However, demand has increased, especially during Ramadan. I get about 150 orders a day now.”

This porridge is simply a savoury and popular dish during Ramadan.

Norhidayah said she would begin preparing the ingredients as early as 4am.

“It takes a long time because we cut, dice and combine the ingredients ourselves without the use of any equipment.

“To make it more delicious, it is important that it is filled with ingredients that make the porridge aromatic so that customers are not disappointed.

“So far, orders have come from as far as Lundu, Serian and Puncak Borneo,” said Norhidayah from Taman Sukma, Petra Jaya here.

She sells the bubur lambuk at RM12 a pack. She can be contacted via Facebook page Dinda Nour Dinda.