Jack Ma ‘National Best seller’, Updated Edition, published by Kanyin Publications.

Book title: Jack Ma ‘National Best seller’, Updated Edition
ISBN: 978-983-41327-8-1
Publication year: 2018
Published: Kanyin publications

By Sufian Mohidin

This book is literally a rich compilation of vital points for doing business in the 21st century. In order to understand the business potential of the internet today, to build a better future and a better self, this book will take you into a learning experience through discovering the life of Jack Ma, his Alibaba’s 1001 mistake and more.

This 2018 updated version is suitable for all types of readers — young and old, new or seasoned readers — and is highly recommended for those who yearn to develop their moral values, to have a good understanding of the internet, about entrepreneurship secrets, and to know what global trends matter the most. At the end of the book, you’ll have Jack Ma’s 100 quotable quotes, something which is priceless. So if you’re looking for something to buy as a present, I’d highly suggest this book.

In this time and age, we always need to learn from experts when it comes to making valuable decisions and important transactions in life. The book teaches the reader that if you lose your hopes and dream even for a minute, you will not make it.

It takes you from the pre-internet days (1980s) and into the future, of how the internet will benefit you depending on how smart you are in harnessing its capabilities. To have a better sense of this, he explains it through introducing his ecosystem.

Jack Ma, or Ma Yun, is a Chinese business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate.

When you purchase this book, quickly turn to page 43 and there it’ll prove to you that your RM44.80 is worth every sen. Not only is this book concise, easy to read, well proportioned and simple to understand, it is very valuable.
The book has 240 pages divided into 15 chapters.

A glimpse into chapter 7: “Ever heard of customers first, employees second and shareholders third as a principle?” Now think about it.

Who can explain (in the most effective manner) about the relationship of these three components of business? Who is more important and why? Not only will you school yourself about this oriental mindset of business from Jack Ma —the undisputed behemoth of today’s e-commerce world — but at the same time you grasp the meaning of ‘reciprocal sustainability of business’, you will understand yourself and your business better. You’ll discover business from a Tai chi perspective, which is quite awesome.

Get a grasp of how Jack Ma simply and humbly took over the world of commerce; one will learn from an interesting perspective that puts a small guy in the big man’s chair. Like how Ma puts it, “Africa is not ruled by lions or tigers, but by the ants”.

This book practically sums up how one ‘passionate’ village boy from China became the e-commerce mogul of the world, surpassing Visa, e-Bay and Amazon, while helping millions of retailers become successful, and at the same time sharing realistic lessons on life with the right sense of humour. I would consider this book as a key to the metamorphosis of character.

How does Alibaba treat its shareholder and customers?

What does it mean by solving social problems?

What are 100 million jobs in 20 years?

Who are the two billion consumers?

In 2016, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma has agreed to act as an advisor to the Malaysian government on its digital economy aspirations.

What’s the reason behind making records simply to crash them the next year?

These are some of the questions that will be answered in the book. Not only will it give you a hint on the spectrums of what lies in the future and beyond, but you will also be emotionally lifted once you are engaged into Jack Ma’s experiences and ethos.

What is the future? To an extent and in Ma’s words, “The future is about believing in the younger generation. The future is also like another country and so is the past (“Another country” — where things are done differently).

That is the psychometrics abbreviation of this book (for those who are into social science). The entrepreneurship element that is likable is that we are all in the stage of re-inventing the world of retail and culture. In retrospect, towards the end of this book, entrepreneurs will learn of something that Ma calls “healthy money”.

On the scale of how enormous this book is in terms of ideals, here you will learn about the global expansion movement, which in contrary is the very principle that will make you better understand how to adapt to the new world order.

In simpler terms, here you will learn that there is no longer the IT age and move on to the Data technology (DT) age. See how industries will evolve into C2B (consumer-to-business) and how cost will no longer be competitive and that the focus will be on value. So what does that all mean, you ask? You’ll figure it out on page 120.

“Pearls of wisdom…”, these are the headings at the end of every chapter and that is the perfect definition of what this book is. If you don’t own this book yet, it’ll be the most well-spent RM44.80 for a great piece of literature. It is a good place to start on creating opportunities for yourself, and within your surroundings. Learn about the digital economy and the future from Malaysia’s digital economy advisor himself, Jack Ma.

Kudos to Kanyin for publishing such an exciting book.