Jalan Bakeri Ting-Tanjung Batu alternative road open to traffic
By:Nurul Shima Shahminon
BTU-tanjong pang-1411-ant-1

BINTULU: The alternative road from Jalan Bakeri Ting to Tanjung Batu is now open to traffic, says Tanjong Batu assemblyman Johnny Pang Leong Ming.

As such, he advised the public to use the road by ensuring that all road signs are obeyed and to drive in accordance with the speed limit that has been set.

In addition, he also advised the public (road users) to adopt a tolerant attitude towards other road users for the sake of mutual safety and well-being.

Previously, Pang had ordered the contractors involved to carry out repair work on the part of Jalan Bakeri Ting which collapsed due to erosion and caused traffic congestion towards the Tanjung Batu and Kidurong areas.

There is currently a drainage construction project being carried out in the area.

Pang inspects the alternative route of Jalan Bakeri Ting which is now open for road users.

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