KUCHING: Tanjong Datu Assemblywoman, Datuk Amar Hajah Jamilah Haji Anu delivered her maiden speech as an assemblywoman in the State Legislative Assembly sitting here, yesterday.

In her speech, Jamilah touched on matters needed in the Tanjong Datu constituency and also stressed the importance of education.

“Education is the key to success. Education can guarantee to improve socio-economic level of the family. And this will become of my focus. I hope that every family in Tanjong Datu will have at least one graduate either at diploma level or other higher levels.

“We know the situation of deprivation in rural schools including in my constituency. However, I want to thank and congratulate Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg because he has established an education ministry in the state cabinet reshuffle recently. This has shown that our chief minister is very serious in addressing issues related to education in the state,” she said.

Apart from that, she also touched on several new projects which were announced during the Tanjong Datu by-election last year.

She said some of the projects have been and are currently being implemented at various levels. Most of the projects were approved and announced by the Prime Minister and Chief Minister and also the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental.

“Among the projects that have been announced but have not been implemented are RM165 million for RELA Training Centre in Sematan, RM150 million-Sungai Rambungan Bridge, RM20 million for Lundu Industrial Estate, RM15 million for padi planting project in Tanjung Purun, RM5 million for Pueh Youth Camp in Sematan and RM7 million for Sematan Waterfront.

“The people of Tanjong Datu look forward very much to these projects and I hope that all the projects would become a reality within four years from now. The people in Tanjong Datu will also give their full support in the implementation of these projects.

“Thus, I would like to thank the government because the 33-km Telok Melano-Sematan Road is now almost 30 per cent completed and is expected to be fully completed in January 2019,” she said.

Apart from giving positive impact to the socio-economy in the area involved, Jamilah said it also provides business opportunities, jobs, agriculture opportunities, industrial and so forth.

She also stressed on the importance of environmental conservation in the area involved.

Jamilah also suggested that a Centre for Technical Excellence or CENTEX which its campus currently being developed in Lundu to provide courses related to digital technology.

She also hoped that CENTEX could provide incubator facilities as has been plan in Kuching.

“This will provide opportunities for the youth and people in Tanjong Datu and its surrounding area to set up business and get involved in e-commerce,” she added.

Jamilah also hoped that CENTEX Lundu would provide courses which are trending among the youth, namely digital animation, solution application development and so forth.

“I was informed that CENTEX will offer courses relating to the oil and gas and construction industry. But the courses that I suggest are in addition to the existing courses in CENTEX. I believe these courses will attract the youths to study there,” she said.