Jesca sells delicious banana cheese fritters

Jesca’s banana cheese fritters

KUCHING: Despite the challenges posed by the movement control order (MCO) which was implemented last year, Jesca Jema Rogers’ banana cheese fritters are selling well, thanks to the support of family members and friends.  

She admitted she was initially reluctant to continue with the business, which she founded in June last year.


“Previously, I primarily sold cakes from home while assisting a friend’s business at Rumah Asap Tabuan Dayak.

“After the MCO was implemented, my friend decided to close her business and pass it on me to run,” she told Suara Sarawak.

“So far, I have been operating from 6pm to 10pm at Rumah Asap Tabuan Dayak.

“Besides the banana cheese fritters, I also sell homemade burgers,” she said.

Jesca revealed she made her own flour mixture for the banana cheese fritters based on a friend’s recipe.

Jesca’s homemade burgers

Several customers, she said, had asked her to keep selling the fritters because they were delicious.

“I charge RM7 per serving of banana cheese fritters and RM8 for burgers.

“Thank goodness, the demand for the banana fritters remains high on a daily basis, resulting in a shortage of bananas.

“Some of my customers come from far.

“However, most of my customers are from Kuching. I do not offer delivery services to customers because I do not have enough staff to handle a large number of orders,” she said.

Asked about the profit, Jesca said it was worth the investment.

“Although there are many challenges and obstacles that I must face, I am determined to succeed in the business world.

“I hope the Covid-19 pandemic will be over soon so that it will be easier for me to expand my businesses,” she said.

Jesca also promotes her food on social media so that consumers know what is available at all times.

Customers who want to try Jesca’s banana cheese fritters and burgers can visit her stall at Rumah Asap Tabuan Dayak.