Jilted man threatens to kill himself

Photo is for Illustration purposes. Photo: Eva Blue

MIRI: A woman, in her 20s, lodged a police report last Monday after receiving scary text messages and a picture of suicide rope from her former boyfriend following their break-up.

The complainant, a cobbler from Lambir, said in the text messages, her former boyfriend told her he would commit suicide and blamed her for it.

Worried, she immediately lodged the police report.

Meanwhile, on a separate incident, police last Monday night (June 29) detained a 34-year-old man in Kampung Tiris Bekenu after he attempted to assault his brother and sister-in-law with a machete.

The incident occurred in a house at Kampung Tiris around 6.10pm last Sunday.

Prior to the incident, the suspect had walked into the house with the machete in his hand.

In the house, he began to search for valuables in his mother’s purse.

A commotion ensued when his brother and sister-in-law tried to stop him.

The suspect left the scene soon after that.