SARATOK: Cooperation between the police and the Voluntary Patrol Scheme (SRS) of the Area Neighbourhood Watch (KRT) at the district level is very important in crime prevention.

Saratok District police chief, Inspector Amran Zawawi, said police-SRS patrols can be carried out in residential areas and villages when necessary, and SRS can channel information to the police.

“The scheme members can serve as the eyes and ears of the police,” he said at a Community Strengthening and Crime Prevention Programme at Kampung Melango Saratok and Kampung Gerigat today.

An officer of the National Unity and National Integration Department, Thompson Ted Son Teddy Dipin, said the police-SRS cooperation should help to reduce the number of crimes and certain social problems.

According to him, the village SRS would carry out voluntary patrols to deter criminals and general miscreants.

“The voluntary spirit must be sown in the community for the sake keeping law and order, and peace and security at the village level,” he said.

Thus, he urged all parties not to underestimate the role of SRS members in their communities.