Joint effort to curb spread of virus

A joint effort between SUPP Youth Central, Bomba Padungan, Kuching Old Market Community Association and Team Dynamic Kuching in carrying out sanitisation works at shops along Carpenter Street.

KUCHING: To prepare for the resumption of dining-in which starts today (Sept 20), several parties have joined hands to carry out sanitisation works at the shops along Carpenter Street here.

Those involved in the activity were Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Youth Central, Team Dynamic Kuching, Padungan Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) as well as Kuching Old Market Community Association.

The main purpose is to ensure a safe reopening whilst increasing economic activities of businesses around the area, and at the same time provide the public a peace of mind when they visit the area.

Team Dynamic also collaborated with Bomba Padungan, councils, police department, Kuching Old Market Community Association, business owners and community leaders to carry out sanitisation works in Padungan area including the Tower Market and Open-Air Market Hawker Centre.

Meanwhile, Small, Medium and Enterprise (SME) Bureau chief of SUPP Youth Central, Eric Tay conveyed his gratitude to the head of Bomba Padungan.

Kuching Old Market Community Association chairman Kapitan Lim Chuan Chan also took the opportunity to thank Tay and Team Dynamic for also voluntarily assisting the individuals undergoing quarantine and taking care of their welfare.