Jolynn J Chin returns with 7 Rings Sonata

Jolynn J Chin

Piano maestro Jolynn J Chin returns with her latest crossover single ‘7 Rings Sonata’. Combining Ariana Grande’s smashing hit ‘7 Rings’ with Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’, Jolynn continues to showcase her talent and passion in blending modern and classical music together.

From fun cover to official track

internationally-acclaimed Sarawak pianist Jolynn J Chin recently created a buzz with her latest single “7 Rings Sonata”. Available at most mainstream music platforms, once again the classical crossover musician managed to introduce a powerful arrangement between Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and Beethoven’s third movement of the “Moonlight Sonata”.

At first beat, the crossover track strengthens the mysterious element of the catchy tunes from “7 Rings”. The selection of songs and merging of beats once again reflects Jolynn’s cleverly arranged single that she was always known for. Listening to it makes one feel thrilled in anticipating the melody, as every turn has a surprising beat — the uniqueness that Jolynn often portrays.

Jolynn J Chin

Nonetheless, being a classically-trained pianist, Jolynn does not stray far away from her foundation. One thing for sure, through Jolynn’s “7 Rings Sonata”, the prominent melody perfectly represents her passion in music.

According to the 25-year-old, she was inspired to release the crossover single when her video went viral last year. “When Ariana released ‘7 Rings’, I combined it with Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ and recorded it for fun. I posted the video on my social media and it received more than 10,000 views.

“After that, a lot of vievers requested me to record it as an official track. However, I was quite busy with my first album then. But finally, during the recent pandemic lockdown, I have all the time I needed to turn it into a single.”

The piano virtuoso also shared that she did most of the arrangements and mixing herself, with the help from her friend QSound, “He did the mastering. We produced the song using computer softwares so we used lots of virtual instruments. However, the main feature for the acoustics is the piano.

“From laying the initial arrangements, I tried putting in more inspirations from different composers. After that, I laid down the pianos, then the additional instruments. And QSound made the track beats.”

Jolynn J Chin

Experimenting on the different tunes and melodies, Jolynn conceded that she had evolved over the years as she grew from classically-trained to being a crossover pianist. “Right now, I am finding even more of myself within music, where I seek more of my own identity, all while venturing into different piano sounds.”

With much on her plate at the moment, the award-winning pianist also revealed during the interview that she plans to release a second album next year, which features several collaborations.

Jolynn also revealed that since her shows and tours have been cancelled, she have been holding numerous virtual shows via

“As for future concerts and tours, there are too much uncertainties and I am not so sure of what the future holds for me. “

However, elaborating on the subject, Jolynn said that the pandemic made her more flexible and she can hold more virtual concerts now, “And I actually have more free time which I can use to produce more music.”

With the ongoing pandemic, New Sarawak Tribune asked Jolynn on her opinion regarding the future of the music industry if the situation persists. “To be honest, there is still a future for the music industry. It’s just the matter of how soon musicians and artists can be ready and how acceptable the audience can be with everything being virtual.”

Furthermore, Jolynn observed that many musicians now turn to the internet to hold concerts and shows, “It is an awesome thing to see. I do think that the future is in the virtual world.”

Jolynn J Chin