Keep workers’ dormitories clean

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

KUCHING: Property owners in the Samalaju Industrial Park are reminded to keep their workers’ dormitories clean.

Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said failure to do such would put them at risk of a lockdown.

“I hope that all property owners with employees’ dormitories will realise that the coronavirus can be deadly virulent if left unchecked.

“The accommodation conditions for employees must be carefully managed. Owners have the responsibility to improve the environment and keep them hygienic.

“We must ensure that the hygiene standards  under the standard operating procedures are adhered to. Otherwise, a large number of workers can be easily infected from just a single source and lead to massive impact,” he said today (June 5).

Tiong said  property owners in the Samalaju Industrial Park must stop accepting new tenants at this time.

“If this continues, the Health Department will have no choice but to lock down the entire property.

“When many people live in a confined area, there is poor control, and almost impossible to determine whether the residents are tested for the coronavirus.

“Once workers from different areas become infected with the Covid-19, the consequences will be extremely difficult to contain and eradicate,” he said.

On outbreaks of the pandemic in the Samalaju Industrial Park, Tiong said a low-risk quarantine and treatment centre (PKRC) would be set up and be operational in two days at the locality.

“As the Samalaju Industrial Park is one hour away from Bintulu, the authorities have decided to place medical personnel at this PKRC in consideration of time and cost   in treating patients among the employees in the area.

“I will also make several recommendations to the relevant departments to ensure that the workers’ environments in the park are improved to comply with standards of sanitation, hygiene, physical distancing”.