Kek lapis – one vice you can’t seem to break

FIle Photo: ‘Kek lapis’ (layer cake) is one of the must-have desserts during festive season.

‘Kek lapis’ (layer cake) is one of the must-have desserts to be served to guests every Hari Raya or other major festivals in Sarawak.

This local delicacy has developed over time and is now available in many flavours that will surely tempt and destroy one’s dream of dieting!

Melina Sue Rolland.

A kek lapis seller, Melina Sue Rolland said customers can now choose the layered cake according to their budget.

“Most kek lapis makers nowadays provide a selection of cakes from a budget, medium budget and premium.

“The difference between the three options is the quality of the ingredients used including butter, cheese, condensed milk and others.

“To customers who ordered my kek lapis (either medium budget or premium), you don’t have to worry because I don’t use any preservatives.

“What’s important, the kek lapis should always be placed in the fridge so that they can last up to six months,” said the 39-year-old entrepreneur.

Melina, who has been involved in kek lapis making since 2013, added that she charges as low as RM100 to RM120 for medium budget kek lapis while premium-grade prices range from RM140 to RM190, with a choice of sizes from a loaf, half mould or full mould for both varieties.

Operating from home in Kuching with the help of her mother and a friend, Melina said she relied entirely on social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp to promote her cakes.

“Apart from Kuching, I also receive orders from customers in Kota Samarahan, Serian, Sibu, Miri and even Malaya.

“For those nearby, I provide delivery service while for those further away, their orders will be sent by postal service or bus,” she explained.

This Bidayuh woman from Serian, who has a certificate in Culinary from SATT College, pointed out that to ensure she can be a respected baker and businesswoman one day, she will always improve on her weaknesses as well as accept criticism with an open mind.

To those who are still looking or want to taste the deliciousness of Melina’s kek lapis, visit her Instagram @missmelrolland or contact her at 011-36861132 to place your orders.

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