Kg Semban fire victims get help from charitable NGO

Hope Place founder Kelvin Wan handing over items to Gino Nikal, one of the fire victims.

KUCHING: Seven fire victims from Kampung Semban, Puncak Borneo received aid from charitable NGO Hope Place on Wednesday (March 3).

“We received a call yesterday (March 2). The victims lost all their clothes, food, and padi harvest in the fire that happened on March 1. Thankfully, no one was injured,” Hope Place said in a statement.

Hope Place members delivered basic food items such as rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar, biscuits, instant noodles, water, towels, mattresses, second-hand clothing, plates, stationery for four children, masks, and hand sanitizers.

Kampung Semban is located approximately 50km from Kuching, and it takes around one hour to reach the location.

Gino Nikal, one of the fire victims, pointing to the spot where the fire started.