KGS chairman Jabang Juntan

KAPIT: Kelab Gagung Sarawak (KGS) will be holding its triennial general meeting (TGM) for the election of new office bearers at the conference room of Kapit District Council tomorrow.

This was disclosed by its chairman, Jabang Juntan to the press this morning. He said the TGM would be receiving report on the club activities as well as financial report. There will be proposals for activities to be held apart from the main agenda, namely the election of new office bearers for the 2020/2023 term.

He called on all KGS members from the various divisions in the state namely Kuching, Bintulu, Miri, Sibu, Sarikei, Kanowit, Kapit, Song and other districts to also to attend the TGM.

For those who are unable to come and attend the meeting, they can join the meeting through “Zoom Meeting” where the meeting ID and password will be given through the Kelab Gagung WhatsApp group.

The formation of KGS, among others, is to preserve the Iban culture and traditional Iban warrior costumes/vest known as “gagung” plus the headgear (ketapu silung or lelanjang).

It also servess as a platform for the members to standardise the warrior costumes and to stick to the Dayak Iban “gagung” own identity without having to blend it with the other communities’ accessories and headgear especially those from the Orang Ulu.

To date the club has a over 100 registered members who are mostly life members scattered over the various districts and divisions throughout the state.