Know the ordinances, health officers told

The participants with the organising committee and speakers after the seminar.

KAPIT: More than 50 health officers from various local authorities throughout the state attended a public health seminar organised by the Public Health Division held at Riverside Majestic Hotel in Kuching, recently.

Officiating at the opening of the seminar was Abu Bakar Sepawi from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.

In his remark, he called on health officers to be well-versed with the Local Authorities Ordinance 1996 and Protection of Public Health Ordinance 1999.

“As law enforcers, you need to know these ordinances like the back of your hand, especially in the control of communicable diseases, food hygiene, sanitary conditions of premises and unlicensed hotel or lodging houses.

“All the things done have to be holistic in nature, especially now that news on what the council is doing can spread very fast with the latest gadgets such as smartphones.

“Towards addressing pertinence issues in the council, I would like to suggest to the local councils to form a task group to better manage and solve these issues,” he pointed out.