A closer view of bottle-feeding koi.

LANGKAWI: It’s not unusual to see kittens or young primates in captivity drinking from a milk bottle, but koi too.

Langkawi Wildlife Park (THLL) and public relations manager, Nur Hamzani Hamzah, told Bernama: “We use milk bottles to feed the fish so that the pond water stays clear, unlike when fish food is scattered over the water and befouls it.

“The idea came to us when we saw a video of a fish feeding activity at a temple in China. We’ve used the same method for three years now and it has served us well.”

Some 300 koi fish scramble for the feeding bottles at feeding time at the Langkawi Wildlife Park. The koi or ‘Cyprinus carpio haematopterus’ have no qualms about feeding from the bottles extended from long bamboo poles. Photos: Bernama

She said the koi aren’t coy about scrambling for the bottle at feeding time either, which makes it one of the draws at park.

“We use normal baby bottles and affix them to long bamboo poles. The food pellets are diluted in a little water so it’s easy for the fish to suck.

A closer view of bottle-feeding koi.

“The bottles placed on the surface of the water then attract hundreds of koi,” she said, adding the fish are fed at 10am and 1.30pm daily.

During the holiday season, however, there are extra feeding times, with visitors allowed to experience bottle-feeding the fish at no extra cost. – Bernama

Visitors get to experience bottle-feeding the koi at designated feeding times.