KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian squad are all geared up to face whatever challenges that come in their way at the FIT Touch Malaysia World Cup 2019.

The prestigious championship will be held at the Putrajaya Equestrian Park on April 29 to May 4. It’s an honour given by Federation of International Touch (FIT) for Malaysia to play host in this popular event at this region.  For this edition, Malaysia will field three teams to participate in the Men’s 40, Mixed Open and Women’s Open category. 

The Malaysian ‘Komandos’ are well aware that they will be facing top world players but they vow to give their upmost best and will not give up easily with the hope of creating history in this World Cup. 

The team coaches, Muhammad Firdaus Zailan (Mixed Open), Amir Affifuddin Amir Shariffuddin (Men’s 40) and Samsul Norazim Samsudin (Women’s Open) had invested a lot of time in preparation for this championship and are eager to prove that their team are able to battle out against the world’s best players. 

Samsul know very well the weaknesses of the Women’s Open squad but it’s not an excuse for them not to perform competently. With many new faces in his team, he has set the target to only secure at least two wins at this World Cup. 

The Malaysian Mixed Team are all geared up to face the World Cup in Putrajaya next week.

He said: “Every player must grab this World Cup opportunity to strengthen their techniques in the game. This is the best exposure and experience for the younger players as they are competing against international professional players.” 

Even though the Touch sport is still a new sport in Malaysia but the Fit Touch Malaysia (FTM) has high hopes in the Mixed Open and Men’s 40 team to rise to the occasion at this year’s World Cup. 

Ahmad Sufiani Johari, the FTM general manager said that both the Mixed Open and Men’s 40 squad have vast experience and have the potential to produce fruitful results. 

“We did not set any particular target but we hope that the Malaysian squad will do our nation proud. We are well awared that majority of the players from other countries are professional players but I am confident that our squad are not deter by the international status of their opponents, “said Sufiani.

The nation squad are in high spirit as they continue to practise at International School Kuala Lumpur’s (ISKL) field on Sunday.

They are absolutely ready to conquer the game and do our nation proud. 

Twenty six countries with a total of 2,400 players are participating in this World Cup.

There will be 11 categories namely Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Mixed Open, Women’s 27, Men’s 30, Mixed 30, Women’s 35, Men’s 35, Men’s 40, Men’s 45 and Men’s 50.