Labourer found guilty of illegal gun possession

KUCHING: A labourer, who pleaded guilty to two charges of illegal possession of a shotgun and 16 shells, was sentenced to two months in prison or a RM2,000 fine today.

Magistrate Zaiton Anuar passed sentence on Gibson Rijen from Kampung Mawang Batu 17, Jalan Penrissen under Section 8 (a) of the Arms Act 1960.

For the first charge of possessing a shotgun without licence, the accused was fined RM1,000 or a month in prison.

For the second charge of possessing 16 shells, the accused was also fined RM1,000 or a month in prison.

The accused committed the two offences in front of the Batu 24 Police Training Centre guard station in Jalan Puncak Borneo on May 22, 2016.

According to the facts of the case, the complainant, a policeman with the rank of Corporal, Stanley Suani @ Alfred, who was on guard duty, discovered that a man had entered the premises.

The man had on him a shotgun that had been disassembled — the barrel and gunstock were placed in a green container.

The policeman also found 16 shells in various coloured containers.

Insp Merylene Lindan Andrew prosecuted while lawyer Francis Teron represented the accused.