Landslide hits longhouse in Julau

The soil erosion that occurred in front of the longhouse.

JULAU: A landslide has occurred in front of Rumah Ukam Mambang, a longhouse at Jalan Nanga Engkamop here on Saturday (Jan 2) following heavy rain over the past few days.

Bintangor Fire and Rescue Station chief Nicholas Belulin said seven of the 24 doors of the longhouse were affected by the landslide.

“Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters found that some of the storerooms have fallen into a river.

“Apart from that, some parts of the land were found to be unstable,” he said.

Nicholas added that there were no casualties reported during the incident.

Residents of the longhouse were advised to be cautious whenever heavy rain occurs and told to immediately get out of the longhouse if the situation worsens.