Landslide leaves house in mess

A landslide affects a house in Kampung Duras, Siburan and firefighters carrying out monitoring at the scene.

SIBURAN: Noises of soil movements and tree branches hitting and encroaching into their bedroom rudely awakened a family of eight this morning.

The house being breached by mud and water through its kitchen door.

They found that their house was breached by mud caused by a massive landslide.

The incident happened around 7.40am at Kampung Duras when the family head who was the complainant heard tree branches hit their bedroom and upon inspection found out that their kitchen was also hit, thus causing its door to open due to the strong mud overflow, leaving a mess.

Realising that a landslide had occurred, the complainant rushed to wake up his family members and proceeded to take necessities in the kitchen.

He then lodged a police report and informed the village chief about the incident.

Later Siburan fire station despatched their men to the scene after receiving an emergency call at 1.09pm.

The team only carried out monitoring at the scene and advised the house owner to contact firefighters in the event of a recurrence of the incident and if there is an urgent need.

After ensuring the situation was safe, the team returned to their station.