Landslide: Longhouse residents told to move

Firefighters monitor the landslide at the longhouse.

KANOWIT: Firefighters from the Kanowit Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) advised residents of Rumah Sandau, Nanga Jawing, Sungai Mapai, to move to a safer place as there was a threat of landslide in the longhouse area.

According to a source from the State Fire and Rescue Department’s (Bomba’s) operations centre a landslide report was received at 10.30am yesterday and actually the landslide occurred on December 14 at 12.01pm.

Three firefighters led by station chief Arrahman Chik rushed to the longhouse to monitor the landslide after receiving a report at 10.30am yesterday.

Operations Commander reported that the out of the 14-door longhouse door No.1 to the door No.4, door No. 13 and door no. 14 of the longhouse were not affected by the landslide.

He reported that door No. 5 to No. 12 were affected by the landslide while door No. 8 and door No. 9 suffered a collapse in the kitchen.

Firefighters advised the villagers to move to a safer place, while they installed the barricades. The operations ended at 12.55pm yesterday.