Landslide renders village road impassable

The landslide that cut off the road to Kampung Mawang Taup.

SERIAN: Jalan Retoh-Mawang Taup here became impassable to vehicles after a section of it got hit by a massive landslide this afternoon (Feb 7).

Serian fire chief James Gani said 650 villagers from 135 families, a primary school and a kindergarten were affected by the disaster.

He confirmed that there were no casualties in the incident that happened around 2pm as a result of heavy rain.

Firefighters have installed fences to alert people who use the road.

James added that a decision to create an alternative route to the village will be done by the Public Works Department (PWD) whose personnel are still at the site.

Firefighters create a temporary blockade to prevent the public from coming near the landslide.

Serian MP Datuk Seri Dr Richard Riot Jaem, who was told about the landslide, went to see the situation together with firefighters, police and PWD workers.

“I advise those who want to go to the village to be careful and heed the warning boards installed around the danger zone.

“Residents who wish to go to the village should park their vehicles at a nearby location prepared by the police and firefighters,” he said.

Grateful that no lives were lost to the disaster, he thanked the authorities whose personnel were present at the scene to control the situation.

Riot (second left) and some officials inspect the landslide.