Larry Sgn to stay as state PKR Chief

Larry Sng

KUCHING: It looks like Larry Sng will remain as Sarawak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chief until the next party’s election.

His resignation was rejected by Sarawak PKR state leadership council (MPN) in an emergency meeting with its council members on Tuesday.

During the meeting, State PKR information chief Abun Sui Anyit was said to have given Sng a full mandate to remain as the party’s Sarawak chairman until its election.

“Keadilan Sarawak’s state leaders have given me their full confidence and support to continue leading the MPN and do not object to my proposal to identify a suitable Dayak leader to lead us into the election,” said Sng today.

“Our coalition partners, too, have been informed and are willing to discuss this matter seriously in early January (next year).

“I am confident that if my proposal is accepted, PH will go into the state election with a Dayak chief minister candidate and should we win the state election, he will be Sarawak’s third Dayak chief minister in our history,”

The Julau MP added that after consultation with the state leaders and coalition partners, the consensus was that the selection of a Dayak leader to lead PH into Sarawak’s state election and his impending resignation as PKR chairman were two separate issues.

Sng on Monday said he was resigning from his position as Sarawak PKR chief because it was in the party’s interest to be led by a Dayak leader in the coming state election.

He said being led by a Dayak leader would lend credibility to the party to its fight against economic inequalities in the private sector, inequalities in the selection and promotion in the public service and its fight to address native customary land issues.